Multi-Asset Class Strategy

With an outlook that spans the capital structure, from long and short opportunities in corporate instruments to related derivatives, including loans, bonds, distressed debt and equity, our agnostic approach allows for important perspective across all products and targets both sensible risk-management and superior returns through multiple market cycles.

Our research suggests significant opportunities through disruptive developments within our sectors of expertise. Our investment approach is process oriented, and our core competencies include sector due diligence as well as financial and security analysis. These building blocks work together to create a strong foundation for well-informed decision making.

Global Markets Perspective

Living in an increasingly interconnected world, a global viewpoint is necessary to a sound investment process. Disruptive trends can evolve at great speed from anywhere on the planet. Technology, capital and human innovation are key enablers that create investment risk and opportunities.

The CCI team strives to benefit from this reality, with offices in the United States and India, our dedication to patient and careful data analysis allows us to more confidently allocate capital in both developed and select emerging markets.

Technology Enhanced Investing

CCI’s technology expertise has resulted in a long-term investment in the building and application of custom tools designed to both enhance and accelerate the investment process as well as help sift the signal from enormous noise.

We believe a digital approach to investing has become essential toward allocating capital, particularly given the speed of information and the depth of data analysis required. CCI’s technology team is comprised of computer and data scientists with a skillset in machine learning and natural language processing capabilities; they work hand in glove with CCI’s fundamental analysts to assess investment opportunities.

Socially Responsible Framework

CCI believes in a sustainable future, not only as a humanitarian cause, but also a key consideration in fundamental analysis. This helps inform us regarding which sectors and companies are aligned with or are likely to capitalize on this trend and allows us to allocate capital accordingly.

CCI maintains expertise in creating customized products that target specific segments of the ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) landscape that align socially responsible capital deployment with desired risk-adjusted investment returns.

Customized Investment Solutions

CCI has long provided institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals customized products that suit specific risk-adjusted return objectives within or across various asset classes. CCI’s bench of experience across the capital markets at a range of institutions along with personalized access to the investment process and trading activity allows for unique solutions to our clients’ trading needs.